New Zealand businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the need to ensure Lone Worker safety and security. As a result many companies are adopting a progressive approach to protecting their employees, and Total Sense offer a simple and affordable range of solutions to meet this need.  

What is a Lone Worker?

A lone worker is any person who works by themselves, without any close contact or supervision from another member of their team. This can include someone who often works alone and remote from an office such as farmers, forestry workers, social workers, tradesman, utility service people or home health professionals. 

Lone workers are often exposed to various environmental and social risks. These environmental risks include your surroundings – such as forests, farms, and industrial sites – as well as what you are working with – such as electricity, hazardous chemicals, or operating heavy machinery.

Social risk exists where contact with the general public or customers are commonplace and risk of verbal assault and risk of physical attack are present. 

Duty of Care

Duty of care is a shared responsibility between a lone worker and their employer, however, it has never been more important for an organisation to meet that duty. In addition to the type of risks that are posed to lone workers, it is also worth considering the level of risk and liability associated with worker safety carried by the organisation.

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